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We sell shooting sports accessories at fair prices. We don't focus on countless adjustment options but concentrate on simple products. With this approach, we aim to appeal especially to price-conscious sports shooters, beginners, and clubs. Take a look at our webshop to see if there's something for you.

Please notice: Our website is currently being translated to English. Therefore you will not be able to find all information in English language yet. Please be aware, that the German information is binding!

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In addition to our own developments, we also distribute articles as partners of some other manufacturers of shooting sports accessories. Feel free to inquire about our prices and place orders via email through the contact form.

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RECOMMENDATION: The Teck-Tech Practice Diary. Together with Junior World Champion Max Braun, we've developed this guide to assist shooters of all skill levels in more effective practice and systematic success. For the beginning of each practice session, we've also created a warm-up video where Max Braun demonstrates his warm-up routine before every shooting. You'll find many more suggestions, tips, and a guide on how to structure your practice session in the diary.